Kotomi Pro High Precision Color USB Current Voltage Meter Capacity Coulometers PD QC Trigger Line Re

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Main function: 1. USB current voltmeter, can test voltage, current, capacity and so on. 2. With a Type-C interface, support Type-C cable internal resistance test. 3. Support QC2.0 5V/9V/12V/20V trigger, QC3.0 full voltage trigger(This function can be combined with T800Plus to realize stepless voltage regulation of 5.0V-12V. It can be used to charge small power equipment such as camera, walkie talkie and so on. It is very practical) for HUAWEI FCP, for Samsung AFC trigger. 4. Wide voltage support, 3.7V-24V can work. 5. With real-time clock function, power consumption is also sustainable travel time, idle time can be used as a clock. 6. Support dynamic voltage and current drawing, D+ D- drawing. 7. IAP firmware upgrade, without any Downloader, access the USB eject disk and drag the firmware in. 8. Charging head charge protocol detection, most can detect 4 kinds of agreement at the same time. Main parameter: 1. Current range 0-5A, voltage range 3.7-24V. Resolution 0.0001A, 0.0001V. 2. Low to 40 ohm line internal resistance (a USB contact resistance + line and sampling resistance). 3. Current accuracy +/-0.1% voltage accuracy +/-0.1%. 4. 32 bit ARM Cortex-M0 processor. 5. Capacity measurement resolution 0.1mAh, energy metering resolution 0.1mWh. Capacity range 0-9999999mAh (9999Ah). Energy range 0-9999999mWh (9999Wh). Time range of 0-99 days, 23:59:59 seconds. 6. Support QC2.0 5V/9V/12V/20V trigger, QC3.0 full voltage trigger, for HUAWEI FCP, for Samsung AFC trigger. 7. The meter itself power consumption: 5V: 9mA maximum brightness, 6.7mA screen dark standby, 1mA screen off. 9V: 6.5mA maximum brightness, 4.8mA screen dark standby, 0.9mA screen off. 12V: 5.5mA maximum brightness, 4.4mA screen dark standby, 0.8mA screen off. 20V: 4.1mA maximum brightness, 3.3mA screen dark standby, 0.7mA screen off. 8. Real time clock, 2016-2099 years, one day error 3 seconds. 9. 5 sets of energy capacity data, time storage, unlimited write life. 10. Cable test resolution of 1 milli euro. Functional details: 1. Current voltmeter: real-time monitoring of mobile phones, tablets and other equipment charging voltage and current, high accuracy, and the internal resistance and self power consumption is minimal, to ensure that the instrument itself to minimize the impact on equipment. (purpose: to understand the charging state and select the best charging first class) 2. Capacity energy recording: recording capacity and energy through the meter, you can manually set the record threshold (default 10mA, that is, 10mA above start recording, you can set 0-200mA) you can record the charging time. Take power off (1 second) and live indefinitely. There are 5 sets of independent data records, which can be switched at will. (usage: testing mobile power capacity, testing cell phone, tablet capacity, charging time, etc.) 3. Fast charging trigger: QC2.0/3.0 fast charging trigger (use force / mobile power charger / car charger output voltage to drive, routers and other equipment, can be used to test mobile charger / power / car charger really have QC quick charge function, etc.) HUAWEI FCP, Samsung AFC trigger trigger. 4. Type-C line resistance test: test line impedance of A-C data line (purpose: identify / select high quality data lines). 5. Fast charge identification: according to the protocol of D+ D- fast charging voltage identification charging head support (use: check the charger / mobile power / car charger for charging equipment, such as two of the same specifications of the charger, a support for Apple devices, one does not support, does not support the use of apple will be charging equipment a lot slower than support). 6. Dynamic current voltage D+ D- voltage to draw the dynamic drawing current voltage curve, dynamic voltage curve drawing D+ D- (see: use mobile phone or tablet devices charging current and voltage regulation, fast charging handshake recognition process view). 7. Electronic clock: long time no operation, and the current does not reach the record threshold (can set 15 seconds -300 seconds or turn off the function) will enter the electronic clock interface, showing the current time and date, week and temperature. (use: use idle as ornaments). 8. Fast charge automatic detection: one key enumeration charging head to support fast charge protocol. The following are the advanced functions developed by various experts: The differential MFI data line through the data line MFI certification under the 5V load current is 0.4mA, when the voltage increases (using QC trigger mode) to 6V, the protection function will trigger the MFI data line, where the current is less than 0.2mA. The user can identify it through this characteristic of the MFI data line. The new software has supported a key to complete the process. Main features and advantages: 1. Use the DCDC scheme to supply power to the instrument itself so as to achieve ultra-low power consumption and minimize the error caused by the power consumption of the meter itself. In the 12V power supply, the maximum brightness, since only consumes 5.5mA current, in the screen closed state, the current is only 3.1mA. In contrast, I made the last generation ancestor USB current voltage meter using low cost LDO scheme, the current consumption of up to 20mA at the highest brightness, turn off the screen is as high as 6mA, ADC in the same level of accuracy, overall accuracy greatly drag. 2. The use of imported external low-speed 32.768K crystal oscillator, providing accurate time accuracy, 24 hours a day, the error is not more than 1 second, providing a strong guarantee for the overall accuracy. 3. Voltage sampling using 25ppm 0.1% low temperature drift, high precision resistor. Current sampling using the DALE 15 ohm 75ppm resistor. Program with automatic temperature drift correction. 4. A fully independent firmware upgrade, without ST-LINK or any other burner, connected to the USB, drag the firmware to disk and complete the upgrade directly. 5. Power down memory is stored by a rechargeable battery with a truly unlimited write life. 6. Use three stage wheel button, operation is extremely simple. 7. Full interface English / traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese support. Display medium TFT Display resolution 128*128 Display size 1.44 inch Voltage resolution 0.0001V Current resolution 0.0001A Voltage accuracy 0.1%+2d Current accuracy 0.1%+2d Current sampling point High-end sampling Interface internal resistance 32 milliohms Static power consumption 1mA Power supply scheme DCDC Voltage range 3.7-25V Current range 5A D+ D- Voltage Support Micro wire resistance test Support A-C wire resistance test Support C-C estimate Support Four-wire software support Support QC2.0 trigger Support QC3.0 trigger Support PD trigger Support Clock Support Independent temperature Support MFI software support Support USB firmware upgrade Support C-C equipment test Support Clock accuracy 0.002% Package included: 1 x Kotomi Pro High Precision Color USB Current Voltage Meter

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