• Weekend Workout

    Weekend Workout

    Computer service Rensselaer (New York) March 19, 2017 10:03 Check with seller

    Sometimes you need to power through some work on the weekends. You have to do things on your time and your own pc or mac. The last thing you want is for your computer to be slow or to fail at the exact wrong time. Slow you down and take up your preci...

  • Five BLUE screens!

    Five BLUE screens!

    Repair Rensselaer (New York) December 20, 2016 13:53 Check with seller

    Twelve blown-out motherboards Eleven damaged hard drives Ten password lockouts Nine dropped phones Eight worthless printouts Seven system resets Six dusty fans Five BLUE SCREENS Four red rings Three loose jacks Two missing keys And a glitch on the vi...

  • Power in the Dell

    Power in the Dell

    Laptops Rensselaer (New York) November 6, 2016 13:16 Check with seller

    Sleek and stylish we have a powerhouse of a Dell on sale now. With its I7 processor this computer can handle anything you throw at it. With 8 gigs of ram helping it multitask through your many needs. So if you are looking for a new pc with a bit of b...

  • Starter PCs!

    Starter PCs!

    Computers - Hardware Rensselaer (New York) November 6, 2016 13:14 Check with seller

    So are you are looking for a pc for your kids to start on? Or maybe you just want a computer to learn on but don't wanna pay an arm and a leg. Well we have an option just for you. We have budget computers for low low prices just for you. Come on in a...

  • Hp = High performance!

    Hp = High performance!

    Laptops Rensselaer (New York) November 6, 2016 13:05 Check with seller

    While it may also mean Hewlett Packard this big and beautiful pc also puts the High Performance in HP. With its huge screen so you never miss a thing this entertainment machine will keep you busy for hours with business or pleasure. Come on down and ...